Boundaries on Creation and Noah’s Flood: Early 19th century scriptural geologists


Terry Mortenson's paper given to the ETS Denver 2001. “Boundaries on Creation and Noah's Flood: Early 19th century scriptural geologists” By The Revd Michael Roberts, Vicar of Cockerham, nr Lancaster, England.

Michael thinks I am misrepresenting him in this area. I don't think I am and at least some others don't think so either. See here for an example (

Because of this dispute, Michael has asked me to remove his excellent paper on Mortenson. I am reluctantly doing so and offer to Michael the chance to put it back up at anytime. How not having his paper on my website will solve our dispute is beyond me.

Michael Roberts and I have had a long running dispute about the existence of YECs in the 19th century (“19th Century Opponents of Geology and Evolution: Or, The YECs Ye Have With You Always”).

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