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Get Programs


There are three programs and the graphic file which need to be downloaded. these programs run on a PC system. I have tested this by using Netscape 2.2 and it works.

Download the four files and place them in the same directory.


Rename the file "egavga.exe" to "egavga.bgi" by typing at the dos prompt, "rename egavga.exe egavga.bgi" Hit enter. Now you are ready to run either Cambexpl, Select, or Evolve by merely typing one of those words at the DOS prompt. Download Graphic Driver After Download Change File Name to egavga.bgi Download Cambrian Explosion Program Download Selection Program Download Evolution Program

Some recent suggestions have been made that meteors caused the flood of Noah. Below is a program to calculate the devastation caused by a meteor impact. Such views simply won't work. Meteors will destroy the earth. Download Meteor Program Download Meteor graphics driver.

Place both Meteor programs in the same directory and then change the name of this file (SVGA256.EXE) to SVGA256.BGI before running the program. It won't work without this change. This change is made by the command "Rename SVGA256.EXE SVGA256.BGI". I do not guarentee that this will work with every computer. It works with mine.